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Why You Should Have Google+ On Your Site

Google+ has recently expanded to business pages, but even if you don’t decide to get social on Google- having a Google+ button on your page is worth your while!

Notice the square with a “+1″ in it?  That’s popping up all over the internet, but most importantly on your Google search results.  Not only can your friends see what you personally have “plus one’d” as a recommendation of websites, but you can see how many times someone has plus one’d the page.  There are also several implications for your SEO that come from the button.

How Google+ Impacts SEO:
  • When a new IP address is registered as clicking on your plus one button, your website gets a vote, sending the signal to rank your site higher on search engines.
  • When someone plus one’s your website, it is automatically published on the Google social network.  That gives you an extra backlink for each vote!
  • When your website has been plus one’d, it acts like Facebook Likes- and tells the users friends that they like your site.
Add a Google+ Button to Your Webpage:

We can add a button to your site for you!  Just email and let them know you’d like to add the plus one button to your site and where you’d like it.  The pricing will depend upon the complexity of your website and how long it takes to insert the button on the page.

Should Your Business Have  a Profile?

That is certainly up to you.  Before you jump in and get a profile page set up, ask yourself a few questions.

  • Will you dedicate the time it takes to interacting on Google +? (Remember- no social media is “set it and forget it.”)
  • Do you have more to say than just on one network?  (If you only plan to say the same thing on Google+ that you do on Facebook or Twitter, maybe it isn’t for you.)
  • Do you know who you are targeting on Google+ for genuine connections? (Keywords there- genuine and connections, not possible sales.)

If the answers to these are yes, then sign your business up for Google+ and increase your social networking ASAP!  If the answers are no, think about your social media a little more before you go further.  If needed, CYSY’s social media strategist can help you plan your approach to social media, just email her at

Remember- Plus one buttons will help users share your content with others!

Detailed information about Google Plus One’s are available online.

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