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Why You Should Have Google+ On Your Site

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Google+ has recently expanded to business pages, but even if you don’t decide to get social on Google- having a Google+ button on your page is worth your while!

Notice the square with a “+1″ in it? ¬†That’s popping up all over the internet, but most importantly on your Google search results. ¬†Not only can your friends see what you personally have “plus one’d” as a recommendation of websites, but you can see how many times someone has plus one’d the page. ¬†There are also several implications for your SEO that come from the button.

How Google+ Impacts SEO:
Add a Google+ Button to Your Webpage:

We can add a button to your site for you! ¬†Just email and let them know you’d like to add the plus one button to your site and where you’d like it. ¬†The pricing will depend upon the complexity of your website and how long it takes to insert the button on the page.

Should Your Business Have  a Profile?

That is certainly up to you.  Before you jump in and get a profile page set up, ask yourself a few questions.

If the answers to these are yes, then sign your business up for Google+ and increase your social networking ASAP! ¬†If the answers are no, think about your social media a little more before you go further. ¬†If needed, CYSY’s social media strategist can help you plan your approach to social media, just email her at

Remember- Plus one buttons will help users share your content with others!

Detailed information about Google Plus One’s are available online.

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