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Social Networking

Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.)

Build traffic to your web site and place your product and services in front of consumers by joining the world’s largest online communities such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.

Social networks are online communities based on common interests such as friendship, hobbies, business, etc. These communities are where people go to socialize and build relationships.

Are You Social? You Should Be!

As an advertiser, you want to reach more potential customers. Social networks can put your business in front of a virtually unlimited amount of potential customers which can result in more sales and may also help your site’s search engine rankings.

Our social network marketing plans let you do as much as you want on your own or delegate as much as you like for us to handle for you. Our Social Network specialist will build your following, provide interactive strategies and provide regular reports of your Social Network activities.

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Social Account Set Up Includes Up To 3 Accounts      
Consultation and Training Up to 1 Hour      
Brainstorming Up to 30 minutes of ideas generated for your brand      
Contact and Brand Building Up to 30 minutes      
Blog Creation        
Custom Facebook Brand Page        
Custom Twitter Background        
Custom YouTube Page (if applicable)        
Email Database Integration        
Strategic Consult and Training An additional hour of training      
Creative Brainstorming An additional 30 minutes to create ideas for your brand      
Social Message Crafting        
Advanced Social Media Marketing Campaign The big kahuna to give your brand a big social boost      
We invite you to contact us for more information and program details. Email or call 850.233.5514.
$95 Monthly Monitoring Plan

    Your Social Presence Keeps Growing

  • Site Monitoring
  • Bi-Monthly Updates and Suggestions
  • Monthly Social Reports
Not sure what to do next?


We set you up for Social Success

Facebook Page Setup

We create your Facebook brand page to get you started.

Twitter Account Setup

We create your Twitter account and can customize your Twitter background for maximum appeal.

YouTube Page Setup

We create your YouTube channel (which we can also customize to match your branding).

Other Social Account Setups

We have a variety of social accounts that we can set up for you — just give us a call at 850.233.5514!

Add–ons Perfect for Any Pack

  • Account Integration With Blog – 1.5 hours
  • Account Integration Without Blog – 1 hour
  • Social Consultation – Hourly
  • Creative Social Campaigns – Hourly
  • Increasing Contact Base – Hourly
  • Message Crafting – Hourly
  • Facebook Ads – Minimum $100 per month
  • Custom Facebook Profile Picture – 1.5hr
  • Custom Facebook iFrame Pages – 3 – 5hrs
  • Custom Twitter Background – 1.5 hours
  • Custom YouTube Channel – Hourly (minimum 4 hours)
  • Facebook Share button (on website) – 1hr
  • Facebook Fan Box – 1hr