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 I just got back to the office and noticed that the new Water Planet USA site was on line. I am soooo excited. It is awesome. Thank you so very much. Vicki and Brandon, you have been so helpful, consistent and professional while being friendly. It is uncommon to find expertise and personalized professionalism mixed with friendliness. CYber SYtes has again lived up to its commitments and to my expectations. 
Denis Richard
Water Planet USA – Owner

 With their proven record of delivering SEO results, we were confident CYber SYtes would successfully promote our business online. They worked to understand our industry needs and designed a custom plan to increase our exposure in Google, Yahoo, MSN/Live, and other top sites. Over the course of the project, our Google listings increased 944% (from 18,000 to 170,000 per month); and the number of clicks from Google increased 1,153% (from 1,300 to 15,000 per month). We have been extremely satisfied with the results and recommend CYber SYtes to anyone looking for SEO and online marketing services. 
Amy Coker Pascoe
Rustic Escentuals – Owner

 CYSY has outstanding customer service as well as a strong talented team for design and functionality.  Design and consumer search functions are very good. 
Joan Baldree
Pelican Real Estate

 Site was designed to look and feel like our corporate site. They did a great job at this. Interfacing with CySy was a pleasure. We will recommend them. 
Dave Wooten
Jensen USA

 I’ve been with Cyber Sytes for quite some time now; we have a lot of traffic going to our web site. Wouldn’t be in business without them! 
Jennifer Bowman
Buzz The Bowmans Real Estate

 You guys are great and very efficient and friendly. You’re also very informative for those of us who don’t quite understand website lingo!! 🙂 We receive more comments about how great our website looks and how very user friendly it is! It really is perfect!! 
Erica Heller
Stay At The Beach Rentals

 It has been a pleasure working with the Cyber Sytes staff. They are always quick to respond and helpful with what will work and what will not. The ease with which you can use the new website will be a great asset for new guests. Cyber Sytes is a GREAT design company and I would recommend them to others. 
Debbie Henderson
One Seagrove Place

 Counts Real Estate Group is very proud of our website. Our clients and new customers always comment on how easy it is to get the information they need and that the information provided on our website has assisted them in making an informed decision regarding the purchase of real estate in our area. The design represents our local market and how we as a company are connected to our local community. All of which is our company’s mantra: Connected…Invested…Involved. We have grown tremendously over the last several years and our website designers listened to our ideas and suggestions when creating our website and they continue to do so as we grow even more. The support staff are very responsive to our need to have updates done quickly and correctly when needed and we appreciate their integrity and responsiveness. Our website has become a portal for us to develop a relationship with new clients from all over the world thanks to the assistance and creative ability of the CYSY staff. 
Tammy Elmore
Counts Real Estate Group

 I have been a client with CYber SYtes for many years. The staff is always on top of any questions or concerns. CYber SYtes has always kept me informed and positioned my site at the top of all the major search engines. 
Kerry Veach
Northwest Florida Real Estate

 Crye-Leike Coastal Realty has been doing business with Cyber Sytes for many years and with no complaints with the customer service or web designing. It has overall been a great experience. 
Linda Nelson
Crye-Leike Coastal Realty

 I cannot begin to tell you how many compliments I get on my website. One of my children’s teachers liked it so much that he used it in school to teach the kids about building a great site. My experience with the designer was fabulous, the turn-around time was awesome and any additions or deletions were handled in less than 24 hours. Now, that’s what I call superior service! I think what I love most about CYberSYtes is the staff. The tech support that I have received has been so great and I always feel like they really care about helping me (isn’t that unusual for tech support these days?). I’m actually having them build another site for my other business and can’t wait to start that project! If you are looking for a unique and customer-drawing website, great service and lots of website exposure…. you must use CyberSytes! 
Jamie Newell
Jamie Newell

 The folks were easy to communicate my thoughts to and came back with better ideas. My business has spread to three other states as a result of this site. I’m very pleased! 
John Felth
Auto Appraisal & Automobile Classic Appraisal Services

 CYber SYtes has been wonderful to work with. You all have always been there for us and have provided us with great innovative ideas. The staff has been fantastic to work with and everyone is very responsive to any questions/requests that we have had. 
Susie Kirkland
Susie Kirkland Real Estate in Destin

 We have truly enjoyed working with Cyber Sytes. Always very helpful in all our internet matters and addresses all problems in a timely manner. Everyone who visits our websites raves about the design and the easy navigation of the site. ”Carrie Glover
Arrow Pool, Spa and Pest Control

 I received a lot of valuable attention in getting more “hits” on my web site and it paid off. I appreciate the time and effort that was given to me. 
William Chatham
A Windswept Beach House

 I’ve worked with a number of web design, development and hosting firms over the years. My view of Cyber Sytes is that they are the best. Their design work is top notch. They really listen to clients to get exactly what the client needs. They are incredibly easy to work with. Unbelievably responsive. And willing to invest in their client relationships. 
Jim DeVos
Best Beach Getaways

 The things I have needed have been done in a timely manner and your employees have been very pleasant to work with. 
Velma Phillips
Velma Phillips Real Estate

 I don’t think it would be launched now if it weren’t for Noel’s continued hard work and support working to get our site away from its last home. Great job with the entire staff. Site design was supported by sales staff assisting in the format choice. Continued support from the design group. We will work towards moving our site forward during potential customers’ searches. The company is a solid “10.” I have highly recommended CYber SYtes to many of my business friends. I landed on your doorstep from a recommendation. 
Ed Hopkins
Suwannee River Palms

 I would like to say a kind word for Noel. He has always been amazing in helping to resolve any issues we have. He goes above and beyond in his customer service! 
Janice Dowis
Pinnacle Port Community Association

 We have had the best experience with Cyber Sytes, everyone is so professional and nice. We are such novices on the computer and they have been so good to us, helping us with so many questions we have had.  Our business has been mainly from our website inquiries for the past few months, we are so grateful for the beautiful and effective site they have given us. We truly could not have asked for a better company to work with. We have so many lumber company reps and woodworkers, etc. telling us how nice our website is.  That is a real compliment to Cyber Sytes. Thank you, thank you truly because we may be struggling right now in this poor economy if it were not for this great website you have created for us. We love our logo too, everyone does. 
Patricia Bruner
Bruner Lumber Company

 I really love CySy – and I don’t say that in jest. The staff (buddy Noel rules and Tam is awesome) is professional, timely and friendly. Always good knowing that I can depend on a rapid and well thought out response. 
Rebecca Brasseur
Dune Allen Realty

 The website has worked very well. . .  Noel always has the solution to any problem. 
Rudy Sistrunk
Marine Inland Fabricators

 I enjoy working with Noel and think he is a great asset to the company. I’ve been with Cyber Sytes a long time and feel I have a good relationship with everyone there. The service is always very responsive and the knowledge of the business is very good. I can always depend on my questions being answered and the service required being taken care of. 
Gary Wise
Stay Beachside

 First, I am very aware that clients like Seaside Town Council are very difficult to deal with due to the multiple decision makers involved in the process. Having said that, I find the individual employees at Cyber Sytes to be very competent and helpful. I believe CS is capable of a wide-range of services and I am satisfied that they are making an extra effort to accommodate the particular function and appearance desired by my board of directors for the new website. The site is not quite finished at this time, but I anticipate it will greatly improve communications with our homeowners, guests and visitors. 
David Bailey
Seaside Town Council

 Cyber Sytes is good about doing what they say they will do when they say they will do it. When I have a small project or problem, they will usually work on it right away. 
Barnett Gilmer
Narconon Gulf Coast

 My interactions with staff have been very pleasant. 
Karen Everage
Broward Hall Agency

 Cyber Sytes does take problems seriously and works quickly to resolve them. 
Paula Hudson
MHA and Associates

 Site needs update in which the owners of the company know this. I give your office credit ya have been out several times and have spend a lot of time on this. I give ya credit for all dealing with the two ladies that can never make up their mind. 
Catherine Coulter
Emerald Waters Realty

 Noel, Tam and the rest of the staff are a pleasure to work with. Very responsive to questions and or concerns. They are always very prompt and offer great suggestions. 
Philip Griffitts
Sugar Sands Inn and Suites

 The talented staff at CYber SYtes is great! They know a whole lot more than I do about this type of thing, but I never feel intimidated when I had a question or suggestion regarding my site. Also, they listen well, and are open to possibilities not discussed in the past. As a customer, I feel that they genuinely have my best interests at heart and they’ll do what it takes to accomplish my requirements. People who visit my web page love it! It was designed to display enough photos, and info, so that individuals who’ve never visited the panhandle respond in a very positive manner.  Plus, the feedback from locals is A+…can’t ask for too much more than that. Count me as an extremely pleased customer. 
Pat McCreary
Dog Friendly Beach Rentals – Owner

 I worked with web designer Brandon who had incredible patience with our company. He was extremely accommodating and took our direction without hesitation. He did an excellent job of laying out exactly what we wanted. I am very pleased! 
Erica Pierce
The Seaside Style – Director

 Everyone at CYber SYtes is very knowledgable, professional and helpful. 
Kim Estes
Bud and Alleys – Events Coordinator

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