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One of the key players for your website is its Host.

Hosting your web site means to place your web site on a computer called a “server”. The server sends your pages to visitors that request information from your site. When determining a hosting solution for your web site inevitably the discussion turns to facts and statistics – storage space, transfer amounts, server up-time, software environments, backups, shadow drives and the like. Of course all of those considerations are important.

We think what matters most is the user experience. Is the site online? How fast does it respond? Are the searches for products or information fast? And what happens when you are successful and your traffic goes through the roof?

If you are out to change the world, you need a server.

CYber SYtes hosting delivers a finely-tuned experience for your visitors. If needed, resources are in place to meet rising demand for your site. If you are out to change the world, you will need a good server. For less intensive missions we have cost effective plans that offer excellent speed and reliability.

Hosting & Support Plans

Item Basic Plus
SSL Yes Yes
Warranty* $10,000 $250,000
CloudFlare Yes Yes
Firewall Program Yes Yes
Site / Email Support** 15 Minutes 30 Minutes
Hosting Space 15 GB 30 GB
Transfer / Month 75 GB 150 GB
Cost / Month $39.95 $69.95

* Warrantees are guaranteed by the certificate issuer, not CYber SYtes. Terms and conditions apply.
** Support per month is cumulative and calculated at the end of each month. Package minutes do not roll over. Time exceeding the package limit will be billed in 30 minute increments (rounded up) at $60 per hour. Support minutes may be used for minor site updates.
Some services and add-ons, such as shopping carts, require the Plus plan.

Dedicated Account Hosting

Dedicated account hosting is a great way to host multiple sites for one monthly fee while keeping your site separated from others and giving you more dedicated resources. We offer scalable account levels and adding multiple domains won’t affect your monthly hosting cost. We strongly recommend this type of hosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server allows you to harness the power of an entire server for your website. Strong computational power along with ample storage and bandwidth make this a perfect choice for high traffic and/or intensive data-driven websites.
Custom programming and applications can be used in the dedicated server environment as needed. Our dedicated server hosting plans can be scaled upwards to more storage, bandwidth and processing should more resources be required.

E-commerce Hosting

Any of the above hosting plans can be combined with our E-commerce (shopping cart) applications. We currently support licensed version of ShopSite, an award winning E-commerce platform proven to be reliable and well-supported.

Sometimes businesses and organizations need large amounts of email addresses and storage while having only a relatively modest website. Our High Volume Email Hosting plan can be added to your account at a very low monthly price. This plan is typically combined with our shared hosting plans.

All of our servers utilize Unix/Linux Operating Systems housed in professional data centers and are monitored and maintained around the clock. The servers are not physically housed on the Gulf Coast, which means if there is a natural disaster your website stays up and running 24/7.

Daily back-ups are standard, as are database back-ups for each active domain on your hosting plan. Custom plans are available.

Contact us to see if our dependable hosting and legendary support can help give you peace of mind.

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