This Terms of Service Agreement may be modified from time to time, constitutes legally binding terms, and applies to your use of the Triathlon, Jump Start, or 123 Go Website products offered by CYber SYtes, Inc.

To Get Started: In order for us to start building your Website, we must receive your Triathlon, Jump Start, or 123 Go Website information and have your first month fee and any selected Add-Ons paid in full. You will be notified (usually within 3 days) of the start of the creation of your Website.

Services Provided: CYber SYtes shall provide a Website for you. The Website includes creation of a website, one minor revision after the website is presented to you via an emailed link for review (up to 1.5 hours of work for the 123 Go, and up to 3 hours for the Jump Start and Triathlon), submission of the site’s URL to Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, use of one domain name, site hosting each month for the duration of your agreement with CYber SYtes, basic email addresses, and access to our site support call center.

Payment: All payments for services are to be made by credit card or ACH. There are no exceptions made to this payment policy. Once your order is received, our staff will contact you for your credit card or banking information. CYber SYtes will provide an emailed invoice once the initial charge has been successfully placed on your credit card. The first payment is due upon ordering the site. This charge will serve as the first month’s payment for the Website and any additional services or Add-Ons. The day your site is live on the Internet (viewable to those “surfing” the Web) will be your first day of your billing cycle. Your credit card will be charged each month on the first day of your billing cycle.  If your payment does not authorize, you will have 10 days to bring the account current before late fees are applied.  Accounts over 30 days late will be terminated and the full amount remaining on the contract will be immediately due.

Billable work or add ons: If extra charges are foreseen to complete the requested work on your Website, we will notify you in advance of the start of the work and seek authorization for proceeding with the billable work. No billable work will be done without either a signed work order or a confirmation sent by email from the email of the person that requested the Website. Any additional charges will be placed immediately on the credit card on file at the completion of the requested work.

Hosting: We provide the service of hosting for the Website. Hosting includes 15GB of storage (strictly enforced) and 75GB of data transfer/month.  Hosting is provided during the finance term of the website.  After the finance term, you may change to a hosting-only package, or purchase another design package.

Email:  CYber SYtes administers email address additions and deletions, however, is not liable financially or otherwise for any loss of email or email system failure.  Support is limited to ensuring that our email system functions properly and that our clients are provided the correct information to configure their computer to access the email.  Email storage is at your own risk.  Outbound email is for typical usage and not intended for mass mailings, which will result in suspension of the account responsible.  CYber SYtes does not support or endorse any third party software (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) used to access email accounts.

Continuance: This service is based on our ability to offer this service at this rate. If at any time we are unable to provide the described services at these rates or conditions, you will be notified and given the opportunity to either renegotiate or cancel service.

Term: By agreeing to this Terms of Service, you accept that the duration of this contract is for 18 months for the 123 Go, or 36 months for the Jump Start (The Triathlon must be paid in full at the time of completion of the site). Our services are provided on a continual basis until cancelled by CYber SYtes or by you. The term begins once you accept these terms and submit your order. In order for you to terminate services, all outstanding charges, including the remainder of the contract amount, must be paid in full. We must have written or emailed notice on file from the person setting up the account before this account can be terminated.

Refunds:  Refunds are not given for pre-paid services such as SSL certificates, site hosting, and email hosting.  You may cancel at any time while your site is being constructed, however, refunds are not issued for payments already made and processed.

Limitations of Liability: We do not endorse any information published on your behalf. In no event shall we be liable to you for any indirect, special, or consequential damages or lost profits arising out of or related to this Contract. If we are unable to perform these services for any reason, your remedy is limited to an extension of this contract for the duration equal to the period of non-performance.

Ownership:  All work done by CYber SYtes is performed on a Work Made for Hire basis.  As long as the account is paid in full, the website created by CYber SYtes belongs to you.  Ownership does not include any design source files, which may be purchased for an additional fee.

Indemnification: The Client assumes full responsibility and liability for the content of the Website created any other information stored on behalf of the client and administered pursuant to this Terms of Service, and shall indemnify and hold CYber SYtes harmless from and against all demands, claims, or liability.