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Are you using email to send newsletters, new product information, special announcements, coupons, industry news, or other items to your clients and prospects? If the answer is “yes,” and you aren’t using an email marketing service, the process may be more difficult than it needs to be, and can endanger your website’s reputation.

Benefits of using a professional service:

  1. Convenient mail list management:
    • subscribe forms on your website AND uploads of existing lists
    • automatic handling of unsubscription requests
    • instant purging of duplicate addresses
    • automatic removal of invalid addresses
    • targeted emails based on demographics
  2. Automatic and configurable welcome messages for new list members.
  3. Eye-catching messages with professionally designed HTML templates.
  4. Previews before sending and advanced scheduling.
  5. Reports on who opened your messages, who clicked, and who bounced.
  6. Easier compliance with anti-spam laws.

Our Two Email Marketing Services

  • Managed E-list Service – We create professional email messages and send them for you.
  • Self-Managed E-list Service – We setup your email system and add a signup form to your website. You or your staff manage the list, create the messages and send the emails.

Frequently asked questions about our email marketing service.

Below are some frequently asked questions about our email marketing services, how to create good broadcast messages, and how to run an effective email marketing campaign.

CYber SYtes set up my email marketing service and I want you to send my emails for me. What information do I need to supply?

We need the following for each broadcast message:

  1. An email to [email protected] with the information below. NOTE: One of the best ways to keep costs down is to provide us with all information before the project begins (preferably in one email).
  2. Any new email addresses you want uploaded to your list. Upload fees may apply depending on the type of service you have and the number of addresses.
  3. Which email template you’d like to use (if you have multiple templates for your site) or, if not using a template, what you want the email to look like.
  4. The subject line for the message.
  5. Text and images for the message.
  6. Your call to action (see below).
  7. The date you’d like the message scheduled. We ask at least two business days lead time. We might be able to accommodate quicker turnarounds, but that is not always possible due to scheduling constraints.

What is a “call to action”?

The call to action is what you want folks to do after they read the email such as click through to an order or reservation form, visit a page on your site, call for more information, download a file, etc.

What makes a good subject line?

  • The subject line must accurately state what the message is about. It’s the law!
  • Don’t reuse the same subject line over and over. Folks won’t open the email if they think the message is a repeat.
  • Consider the recipient’s point of view. How will that person benefit from taking the time to read your email? Incorporate that benefit into the subject.
  • Give a sense of urgency to motivate the reader such as “20% Discount : Expires Friday Midnight” or “Invitation Enclosed : Please RSVP by xx/xx/xxxx”
  • Keep the subject less than 60 characters. If it’s too long, folks just won’t read it.
  • Avoid spam alerts: exclamation points, all capital letters, repeated words, and the words “exclusive”, “free”, “hurry” and “limited time.” These words could send your message to a junk or spam folder.

How often should I send messages to my list?

Don’t send too often. If you do, people will probably just delete your messages and ask to be removed from your mailing list. Some marketers say you shouldn’t send more than two emails every month, but it really depends on what you have to say. For example, sometimes, sending a “firecracker” email is better than waiting to put all your news in one monthly newsletter. What is a firecracker email? An email that serves one particular purpose such as covering a hot news story or a new product. It’s short in length, but explosive in content.

Can I re-send the same messages over again?

You can, but we don’t recommend it. Each message should have something new to say. If it doesn’t, open rates will drop and more folks will unsubscribe.

How long should I make my messages?

Keep your messages simple. Email marketing should concentrate on what is new or special. Don’t send unneeded graphics, photos or text.

What is the best format to use?

Make your messages easy to scan. Most people get a lot of emails so they skim and scan. Bullet points are good. Be aware that not everyone will see your email images. Look at your message without images, does the message still make sense?

Can I send form letters?

Usually, any information you collect in your mailing list (name, city, state, etc.) can be used to send form letters. Form letters can be effective — but they can also turn people off — especially if you misspell their names. And, people may get upset and make spam complaints if you pretend they signed up for your list when they know they didn’t.

What about spam laws?

Comply with the CAN-SPAM Act: each email must include a postal address, removal requests must be acted upon within 10 days, and subjects and other headers must not be misleading.

Can I add anyone to my list? Even addresses I find on the Web?

No, you must obtain consent before adding an address to your list. If you add someone to your list who didn’t sign up, you are in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act.

Why does my email message have to be so narrow, and why can’t I use fancy effects or special scripting?

HTML emails have more restrictions than regular pages on your website. We design your emails so that the most people possible will be able to open and read them.

How can we help?

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