What is a Secure Certificate?

A secure socket layer certificate (SSL) is a way of protecting information transmitted across the internet. The way an SSL works is by encrypting data between your browser and a site’s server. It does this by encrypting information, then transmitting it from your browser to the server, which has a key to decipher the encryption. This means that anyone intercepting the information before it gets to the server cannot decrypt the information, since the key is kept securely on the server and is never transmitted.

Why Use One?

SSL certificates protect you and your customers by encrypting their information, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, addresses, and other sensitive information. It is generally good practice to use a certificate, even if your website doesn’t collect any information at all, though it’s only required if you collect sensitive information.

How Do I Get One?

SSL certificates can be issued by a number of places. Generally, any website host can obtain a certificate for you. You should ask questions about the certificate before purchasing one, however. Does the certificate come with a warranty by the issuer? Is there a discount for registering a certificate for more than a year at a time? Is the issuer a trusted authority? All CYber SYtes managed hosting packages come with an SSL. Warranties provided by our issuer vary depending on the use of the certificate, and we automatically create a certificate that best suits your needs.