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How is my site doing in the search engines?

To measure search engine success, many people search a few keyword phrases in Google, Yahoo or Bing and look to see what position their site is in. The problem with using this method is that in any one month searchers may use hundreds of different phrases to find your site. Also, many search engines now use personalized search and the results you see may not be the same results others see. So looking at just a few keyword phrases probably won’t give an accurate picture.

Here are some other ways to measure success:

  • Use Google Analytics to track search engine traffic. If you don’t have Analytics, we can add it to your site for a small fee.
  • Track the orders you receive online.
  • Track other types of conversions such as the number of contact forms or emails your receive, how many people sign up for your mailing list, how many people redeem online coupons or specials, or how many visitors leave comments or reviews.

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