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SEO Tips for 2020

While SEO is important for good rankings, there are some content-related factors that also affect rankings. Here are some items that will affect your website’s ranking this year.

  • Content is still important. Having great information and images on your site is the best way to show Google you are an authority on your topics and that your site is worthy of good rankings. Create content that is highly relevant to your target audience and website topics. If it’s been a long time since you’ve updated or added new information to your website, now is the time!
  • Your content should be easy to read, follow the rules of writing, and be error free.
  • Answer commonly asked questions to get more featured snippet listings in Google.
  • Use subheadings, bullets, and lists to help users and Google better understand what your pages are about.
  • Make pages and posts an appropriate length. Check the top Google results for your keywords to see how long the top-ranked pages are. Not all pages need to be long, but some probably should be. Don’t, however, pad the length of your web pages using metaphors, stories, or jargon that Google doesn’t understand just to get a longer page. This can confuse Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) as to what your pages are really about. Counting words is an easy way to compare page lengths: https://wordcounter.net/
  • Add lots of text links between related pages and posts. This reinforces your expertise for different topics.
  • Mention credible sources in your page content to help establish your own credibility. Link to top businesses, brands, scholarly articles, .gov and .edu sites.
  • Use rich schema to make your listings stand out so they get more clicks. We include some rich schema as part of our SEO programs.
  • Mobile first: Make having a great looking and highly functional mobile site a high priority. Google switched to “mobile first” indexing last year. This means they index the mobile version of your site and use the mobile version when ranking your pages. If your pages don’t work well on mobile devices, they won’t rank well in mobile, desktop, or voice searches.
  • Encourage mentions and links from other websites. When other sites even mention your business name, organization, services, or products, it may help establish your authority and brand awareness.
  • Avoid “This site is not secure” warnings by ordering HTTPS protocol for your site.
  • Pages should load as fast as possible–in under three seconds is good, in under two is even better. This is one online tool to check your homepage speed: https://tools.pingdom.com/
  • Show Google that your business and your content creators are trustworthy experts. On your Home or About pages link to any profiles you have on reputable industry and business websites (e.g., Chamber pages, BBB rating pages, Association member pages, Review website pages, etc.), and list awards and community involvement. When possible, link each blog post author name to a detailed author profile page.
  • Upgrade to a more accessible website. This helps people with and without disabilities.

Is it time for a new website that addresses these important issues?

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