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Search Engine Optimization

Does your business show up at the top of the search results in Google, Bing, and Yahoo! for people conducting online research and making buying decisions? Typically, the businesses you find higher in the listings have tailored their webpages using a process called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Whether you have an existing website or are planning a new site, our SEO services will make sure your pages are setup just the way the search engines like them. We can also help you develop new content and get your business listed in popular directories like Google Maps, Bing Places, and Yelp. We have been optimizing websites for over 17 years and have the knowledge and experience to deliver great results for your business.

Initial SEO

Initial SEO is recommended for all new or re-designed websites. We optimize the keywords on up to 10 pages and submit your site to Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and other top directories. Does your site have more than 10 pages? We can expand the scope of the project to complete optimization on all pages. We also offer Google friendliness checks and SEO marketing tips. If you’ve ordered Initial SEO, you can submit your keywords using the form below.

Advanced SEO

Advanced SEO is available on an hourly basis and the projects scale to fit your site and budget needs. All Advanced SEO Projects include customized SEO activities and an update at the end of each project month. Activities may include on-site optimization, content development, keyword and competition analysis, Google penalty removal, and much more. The program is very flexible because what constitutes “optimization” is an ever changing target.

Quarterly Search Engine Promotion Program (SEPP)

This popular program provides basic monitoring, submission and optimization every three months. For smaller websites in less competitive markets, this may be all you need for top rankings. For larger websites, this is a good program for monitoring search engine performance after Initial SEO is complete.

Activities vary by quarter and include:

Cancel at any time.


Because we do not own the search engines and directories, we have no direct control over where your site ranks, how fast your site is listed, or when a site might drop you–that is up to the individual search engines; but, we do offer ways to help you get listed faster and place better.

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