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Blogging to Increase Sales

It’s obvious that blogging increases SEO rankings, creates more terms that you are searchable for, and gives clients a reason to come back to your site on a regular basis… but can a blog increase other things?  Yes!  Blogging can increase employee satisfaction, recruitment and retention efforts, consumer satisfaction, consumer purchasing decisions, and the amount of sales your company has.

How to impact your sales:
  • Keep up with your blog on a regular basis
  • Write to prospective clients, not industry-peers
  • Write about customers, as references and examples of what your business can do
  • Answer questions, especially those that you get multiple times
  • Tell stories, be entertaining
  • Make sure to provide them value
  • Be direct and brief
Have you tried:
  • Engaging your clients in a conversation?
  • Posting actual sales conversations? (with permission of course)
  • Explaining how one product can be used multiple ways?
  • Blogging about a product or a special?
  • Guest blogging on another blog in your field?
  • Bringing in an expert to guest blog on your topic or product?

Blogs are important in the critical stages of purchase decisions, sometimes being the difference between your company and your competitors.  Over 52% of people report that a blog played a role in the final purchase decision!  13% report that a blog started the inspiration for a purchase.  It’s clear that a blog is important to businesses, but now in more ways than previously thought!

Have any of you used a blog to increase sales?  Want to share any success stories?

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