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Search Engine Promotion – SEO

Everyone wants to rank higher in search engines.

We are willing to bet you feel the same way as well. But there is no magic bullet for ranking in the non-paid “natural” listings of the various search engines.

What is the first step to improve your site’s performance in Search Engines? It all starts with content. What is content? Well from the point of view of the search engines it translates into “the words on your web site.”

For instance, our site (cysy.com) rates very highly for Panama City Beach Web Design. We had someone say they searched for Panama City Beach Web Design Firm and couldn’t find us. We added the word “Firm” to our content and within two weeks we came up #1 for that search too.

That’s just one tip to help sites rank better for particular searches: include the phrases you want to rank for in the search engine titles, the page headings, and in the body text of your pages. (But only where it reads naturally and makes sense to do so!)

We help hundreds of our clients with this. Visit our search engine optimization page for an outline of the services we offer or contact us at 850-233-5514.

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