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Website Short Cuts – By Our Site Support Manager

This week, we decided to ask our support team for a blog post. Below is the insightful response:

As Site Support Manager at CYber SYtes I’ve heard statements like these a lot;

  • “I had a friend who knew a lot about computers build my website. Now I can’t seem to find any web designers who can update it.”


  • “Back when I first got started, this guy I know offered to create a website for my business at very little cost, but he has a full time job and is taking too long”,


  • “He did a wonderful job with my design but doesn’t know anything about help my site rank search engines.”

“All this has happened before, and all of it will happen again.”

The following does not represent official CYber SYtes policy – my view is from a guy possessed with the rare capacity to sit all day in a small cubicle like a monk in a cell and answer phone calls from people asking for help with an almost penitential rigor.

Why choose CYber SYtes? Why choose a company fully staffed with specialists rather than one person who can “do it all?”  Here’s why. A good website is imperative if you wish to grow your business. In any business, either at the beginning or well after you start, conceptualizing your online marketing plan is difficult. Even if you personally are armed with a formidable knowledge of visual design, the use of and application of social networks, current search engine optimization techniques, SEO & Ad Word certifications, Ad Word campaign creation & monitoring, new web coding techniques, and the latest and the greatest software, there are still only 24 hours in a day. There are limitations to what one person can do, no matter how smart they are. Multi tasking can only get you so far.

At CYber SYtes, I am not the search engine specialist, social networking guru, award-winning designer, and CPA rolled into one. Why not? Because we are fortunate to have dedicated and exceptionally talented team members who live, breathe, and sleep each of their web related fields. It makes us smarter, faster, and simply better. CYber SYtes stands where it is today because far too often we get new clients who started off with a friend who “knew something” about computers or websites. It “saved them money”, or they “knew and trusted them”, or “didn’t know a lot about the internet”, etc. The end result is the same: Business “A” calls, they have a website that someone they knew worked on for them and now it is not working for their business.

Maybe “A’s” website did work in the beginning. Perhaps the site served them well for a time. But ultimately, “A” becomes a CYber SYtes client because “A” needs:

  • The job done quickly and effectively.
  • a company that is staffed by a wide range of specialists dedicated to all things web – custom social networking promotion and applications – refreshed content on the site with our terrific content writing for search engines and social networks – search engine optimization that helps puts them at or near the top naturally in searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others – responsive updates and support, etc.
  • Complex functionality and custom database programming.

The karmic wheel of business websites worked on with a friend or the “one man operation” always swings back to the same place; and that is no longer supported, cannot be updated and falls behind in innovation.

It’s time to move forward. Any effort and money you put forward needs to give you results. Try Cyber SYtes. Know that we have been here for 15 years. We are the cutting edge of technology and support, and have won multiple awards for our work. If your guy with the flashy website that’s throwing a bunch of jargon at you is emailing you from a Gmail account, what does that tell you?

“You know the Greeks didn’t write obituaries, they only asked one question after a man died, ‘Did he have passion?'” – Serendipity (2001), Jeremy Piven.

Our passion? Websites.

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