/ / PCBDaily.com is now “Powered By CYber SYtes”

PCBDaily.com is now “Powered By CYber SYtes”

It’s time to let the cat out of the bag! (What was the cat doing in the bag in the first place?)

CYber SYtes,  recently acquired PCBDaily.com; the #1 blog about Panama City Beach.

PCBDaily.com is the creation of Jason Koertge.  Jason’s quirky point of view and relentless pursuit of “the story behind the story” has given PCBDaily.com a special perspective of Panama City Beach. PCBDaily.com has become known as the go to source for information about the growth of Panama City Beach with a special emphasis on the new Airport.

We’ve recently added PCBDaily.com’s writing staff to CYber SYtes, most notably Cebo Campbell and Ellie Cominos. The transition has gone well. Recently PCBDaily.com set a new one day visitor record; over 6500 pages served in one day!

Each week the free PCBDaily.com newsletter goes out to over 5000 subscribers all of whom are loyal PCBDaily.com readers.

We think the story of Panama City Beach is just beginning. We intend to keep PCBDaily.com a vibrant, energetic and relevant voice chronicling  future of Panama City Beach.

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