This just in from Alaska: SEO Update

Update: We first published these SEO tips in 2010. While the info is still pretty relevant, here are our updated SEO Tips for 2020.

Yes, Alaska. Vicki, now a long time Alaska resident, has been doing Search Engine Optimization on CYber SYtes web sites before it was even called Search Engine Optimization. She was kind enough to share some of her SEO Tips with us this month to pass on to you. We hope you find these useful. And if you need help getting some of these tips in place on your site, our team (including Vicki) is here to help. Just get in touch. Vicki can help your site rate higher for a wider variety of keywords than you may have thought possible.


1) Get GOOD inbound links:

Links from other sites can make your site more important and help your rankings. Who can you ask for links? Business associates, clients, vendors, trade organizations, specialized directories, related websites, etc. But don’t participate in automated link exchange programs, go for sheer volume of links (such as with free for all link pages) or buy links. A few links from reputable websites are better for rankings than a bunch of low quality links.

 2) Update your pages:

Every time you update a page on your site, you tell Google that your information is current and worthy of good rankings. Look at your pages. Do you see text like “new for 2005” or “copyright 2011” or “coming soon?” Have you changed any information in the last six months?

3) Add new pages or make existing pages longer:

One of the best ways to increase rankings for a particular keyword phrase is to make sure your site has more information on that keyword phrase than your competition does. There is no magic page length. Some pages may get top rankings at 250 words while other pages need 1,500 to 3,000 words. A good exercise is to check some of the top ranking pages for your keywords. How many words do they use?

4) Extend the length of your domain registration.

In the past, there were indications that the length of time you register your domain name for could affect your rankings. The thought was that Google gives more trust to sites that plan on being around for awhile. If you are only paying for your domain name from year to year, you may want to consider registering for longer periods of time. Five or ten years is often recommended. (We don’t know if this tip is still valid.)

5) Encourage your clients to enter good online reviews of your business and website. Reviews can be added via Google, Yahoo and Bing local listings or at review sites such as,,,, and Reviews from these sources can be listed under or near your listings in Google.

We hope you enjoyed this month’s SEO tips. Contact us to take full advantage of SEO for your site.

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