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Online Reviews, Reputation Management & SEO

When customers review your business online it can affect your rankings in the search engines as well as your reputation. But getting good reviews can be tough and dealing with negative reviews can be frustrating.

Some tips on how to make the most of online reviews:

1. Register and setup profiles at multiple review sites.

There are a lot of different websites that take reviews. Some focus on local or regional businesses and some cater to specific industries. When you setup a profile you make it much easier for clients to enter a review.

2. Resist the urge to create fake reviews.

If other reviewers spot an obviously fake review, they won’t hesitate to leave a review letting everyone know what they think of the fake. And, most review sites are very good at spotting fake reviews and will probably just remove it anyway.

3. Don’t ignore or be discouraged by bad reviews.

Most review sites allow business owners to reply to bad reviews. This is another good reason to “claim” your business and create a profile on each site. It’s a good chance to show others that you address problems head on. Don’t argue or retaliate. Instead, respond in a manner that will strengthen your relationship with the customer. If you think a bad review is a fake (say from a competitor or a disgruntled employee) the review site may allow you to flag the comment.

Some Popular Review Sites:

Our local listing service can help you create profiles on these or other review sites.  Contact us for more information.

Interesting Review Facts:

  • Reviews may affect search engine rankings.
  • Your reviews may be displayed just under or near Google listings. So even if you don’t pay attention to online reviews, your customers might!
  • When you get five or more reviews with stars listed in Google, the little yellow “review stars” show up on your Google map listings.
  • The best way to address bad reviews is to leave a thoughtful reply to the reviewer. Most review sites, though, won’t remove a bad review.
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