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Google Now Recommends Your Website be Secure

Having a secure website means that your website’s connection to the internet will have an encryption to lessen the chance of a hacker stealing data or adding a virus. When you look at the address bar in your web browser, the domain on a secure page is preceded by “https:” rather than “http:”. Sometimes, it will also display a little lock image.

In the past, it was industry standard to encrypt only pages on your site in which sensitive data was being transmitted ; for example, check out pages on shopping carts. Now, not only is https security on all pages one of many ranking factors in Google, but browsers may alert users when pages are not secure.

What does it take to make your site secure?

For a new website design, we first need an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. This certificate must be renewed annually. We build the site with the SSL certificate in mind so it takes no additional time to create.

We can also make your existing site secure.

In addition to the required annual certificate, we will need to re-link your site elements to the secure domain and apply redirects. Redirects help prevent traffic loss from the search engines while Google indexes your new page addresses.

Would you like a quote on making your site secure with https/SSL or on a complete site redesign? Call us at 850-233-5514 or contact one of our sales reps in Panama City Beach, Florida.

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