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Getting More from Your Website

You have a web site. You want it to do more for you. This is one of the most common comments we receive about all web sites – those that we produce, those that are brought to us and yes, to those seeking a magic fix to make their web site better, brighter and more…

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Do You Have a Call to Action on Your Website?

“A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them,” said Steve Jobs, who proved his point with each new Apple product release. Take the iPhone, which consistently won over customers who had previously been happy with last year’s model. What was the difference between models? Not much except…

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Blogging to Increase Sales

It’s obvious that blogging increases SEO rankings, creates more terms that you are searchable for, and gives clients a reason to come back to your site on a regular basis… but can a blog increase other things?  Yes!  Blogging can increase employee satisfaction, recruitment and retention efforts, consumer satisfaction, consumer purchasing decisions, and the amount…

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What Makes a Blog Successful?

What makes a blog successful?  Easy: readers.  How do you get readers?  That’s easy, too! Track Your Progress First you need to know if people are actually coming to your blog.  If they are, what posts interest them the most?  The best way to figure this out is to install Analytics on your site.  Word…

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Why should I hire CYber SYtes for SEO?

Do you want your business to show up higher in search engine results? Here’s how we can help. When you do a search on Google, Yahoo, or Bing, the main listings in the search results are non-paid. This means there is no fee from the search engines to get listed. The search engines rank or…

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Online Reviews, Reputation Management & SEO

When customers review your business online it can affect your rankings in the search engines as well as your reputation. But getting good reviews can be tough and dealing with negative reviews can be frustrating. Some tips on how to make the most of online reviews: 1. Register and setup profiles at multiple review sites….

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How much SEO does my site need?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving traffic to your website from search engines via non-paid search results. These are also called natural, organic or algorithmic search results. Typically, the earlier or higher a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine. How much…

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Always Collect Information

Last night, I had the great pleasure of attending a familiarization event hosted by a new company to the Panama City Beach area.  This particular company, however was not a new company, they have been around for decades.  And their experience showed in their ability to throw a great event.  It was very well attended,…

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5 Ways Email Marketing Can Boost Your Business

Social Media is huge for promoting your business, but email marketing is still a powerful way to stay in touch with your customers and increase revenue.  Email Marketing has come in and out of popularity more than a few times over the years, but it still remains one of the most reliable ways to market…